The Future: Technology and Tattoos

The history of the tattoos can be traced to the Polynesian Islands. The traditional tattooing still exists on Tahiti. There you can get a hand tapped tattoo with the help of two twigs and a needle comb.

Luckily for you, tattooing is a simple process nowadays. Technology today brought tons of innovations into the world of tattoos. Here are some of the most interesting ones.

The Future: Technology and Tattoos

Glow in Dark Colors

The rave scene inspired people to adapt to the atmosphere in the clubs and the neon lights. One needs a specific type of colors to make such a tattoo. Obviously enough, you cannot see it under normal lighting. The images are visible only when the regular lights are off and the neon lights are on. As you can imagine, tattoos glow in the dark. It is perfect for those who want to party and keep that part of their life hidden from office life.

Your New Shiny LED Tattoos

Truth be told, the technology is still far from making your skin a neon billboard. Today, you can hope for a tiny LED display that is most likely used for medicinal purposes. Using the combination of silk and silicon, scientists are now able to introduce tiny LED screens just underneath the skin. Silk dissolves over time, leaving the screen operational. In time, we can definitely hope for more aesthetic uses of LED tattoos.

Tattoos that Monitor Your Health

LED tattoos are among many tattoo designs that will be used to help you monitor your health. Doctors and other experts constantly work on the ways to introduce chips and monitors into your skin in order to prevent seizures and attacks of any kind. Such chips should be able to monitor your blood pressure, blood sugar levels and much more. These are definitely tattoos that everybody would consider. Especially people who suffer from conditions such as epilepsy.

The Future: Technology and Tattoos

Feeling Your Phone Through Your Tattoo

This technology is all about ferromagnetic ink. The particles of the color used for tattooing are responding to the magnetism and they make tingling sensations in your skin. This means that you will not only hear your notifications but feel them, as well. In addition, you will be able to adjust your tattoo the way you want. The vibrating tattoo notifications will take the silent mode to an entirely new level.

Removable Tattoos of the Future

The 21st century will not be about the permanent tattoos only. Professionals are beginning to use a certain type of ink that is encapsulated. The new ink will make the laser removal procedure a piece of cake.

Digital Tattoos with Your Info

Health monitors are not the only thing that people want to put underneath their skin. The new technology is moving toward the direction that involves your personal info such as financial records. While the experts say that it will render taking your wallet with you obsolete, others are afraid of possible hacker attacks. Only the future will tell who’s right.

The Future: Technology and Tattoos