Innovative Yelp-Like App Raises Autism Awareness

Roughly 3 million families in the U.S. live with autism. Every year, one in sixty-eight children are born with ASD. For these families, finding autism-friendly places, like a safe park or the right school can seem like a daunting feat. Especially when autism awareness is fairly limited. When traveling, the task becomes nearly impossible.

Raising Autism Awareness Through an App

As a remedy to the problem, Autism Village seeks to help autism families through an innovative project. It happens just in time for Autism Awareness month this April. Autism Village is an app currently being created by autism dad, Topher Wurts, in conjunction with a dedicated group of volunteers. Topher’s autistic son Kirby largely inspired the idea. Thus, Kirby is a real founder of Autism Awareness app.

The Founder of Autism Village

The journey of raising Kirby, and consequently, the immersion into the autism community, has ignited Topher and the group to collectively find a way to ensure a better future for those dealing with autism – either as an individual or as a family.

The Autism Village app is anticipated to be free for all to use and will identify autism-friendly businesses, organizations, and services. The app will also feature ratings and reviews, written by members of the autism community for the community, making it easy for families to locate safe, fun and comfortable places for everyone to enjoy.

Autism Village is just like Yelp or Trip Advisor

Autism Village functions just like Yelp or Trip Advisor. Thus, it’s a combination of two apps that feature reviews about local businesses and travel-related content (in the case of Trip Advisor). The user-generated content helps create a large specialized vertical social network, linking autism families together and raising public autism awareness.

Autism Village ultimately aims to help 70 million people around the world, one family at a time.

Innovative Yelp-Like App Raises Autism Awareness