Best Autism App to Change Autistic View

The new Autism App may change how the world views autism. Autism Social Story App from San Francisco, California began with the story of a young autistic boy. The main protagonist was bullied at school, and even his parents didn’t understand what the problem was.

The new autistic aimed app may help you answer the following questions. What is Autism? What issues do children with autism experience?

Best Autism App to Change Autistic View

Autism App and ProudGeek

Geek Club Books has a mission to empower through storytelling and self-expression. They helped the non-profit autism campaign.

The developers (Geek Club Books) of Autism Social Story App have reached 105% of their goal. They raised over $10,000 through crowdfunding platforms. Those who supported the campaign proudly showcased #ProudGeek on their social media.

Real Story Behind Autism App

A lot of people simply don’t understand what autism is and how it affects a child. However, we should stay educated, and understand who autistic children are and why 70% of them are bullied.

Autism Social Story Apps aims at engaging children in a unique way. It is unfortunate that kids need to gain an understanding via an app, but it is the present we live in.

Autism News

There has been a lot of news this month about autism. World Autism Acceptance Day falls in April. Recently, Google News and Apple highlighted a few autism worthy apps. The news aggregators also dedicated an Autism Acceptance Month page on their platforms. The page offers news, research, and videos.