Nashville is a hot real estate market, to be sure, but a recent selfie uploaded by a Nashville real estate agent ups the ante considerably. Benchmark Realty’s Miguel Calvo uploaded a picture of himself receiving fellatio from an unknown female individual onto the online listing of 137 Saxon Mist Drive, a home with which Calvo was not officially associated.

In This Case, Sex Does Not Sell

It is unclear why Calvo uploaded the photo, though he did respond to media inquiries in the affirmative when asked if he was the one who had uploaded it. Calvo did not say whether he posted the image on purpose or by accident. In the photo, Calvo is naked and standing, and the unnamed female partner is kneeling on a bed in the home, with pink flip flops laying to the side.

Calvo’s professional page does not appear on Benchmark’s website. Benchmark claims that their agents are independent contractors; therefore, they may not be closely associated with the company or advertised on their website at all. It is likely, though, that Calvo’s page was removed from the site following the controversy.

Benchmark Realty Responds

Benchmark wasted no time in responding to the pornographic image’s attachment to the listing of the $399,000 Nashville home. “We are a faith-based organization and hold a very dim view of impropriety,” they said. “…[A]fter due process of an investigation of such claims, should we determine the agent did act in an improper manner, you may rest assured that their license will be released back to the state for disposition.”

As Miguel Calvo has already publicly verified that the image added to the system is authentic, it seems only natural that his license could be in jeopardy and that his time at Benchmark is at an end.

Pornography may be ubiquitous in today’s world, but there remain some places where sexy images are not appropriate. If you are a real estate professional who is looking for a way to spice up your next listing, do not turn to exhibitionism.

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