Bitcoin Can Help With Meditation And Here’s How

Are you feeling tired, anxious and just overall stressed out? Join the club. Anxiety disorders affect over 40 million people in the United States alone. We could all use a little relaxation in our lives but how do we do it? Yoga? Exercise? Meditation? Yes, all those answers work but let’s try something else. Let’s relax with bitcoin.


Of all the things in the world to help with meditation, you’d think Bitcoin is far down the list. After all, it’s crazy market swings cause stress for investors around the world. How could one possibly learn from this? It seems crazy but just take a step back for a second. Sure, cryptocurrency isn’t a traditional meditation technique but we can all learn from it. Experienced crypto investors are some of the most patient around. They know not to panic when prices start to crash and not to get too excited when they skyrocket. Overall, crypto investors just “go with the flow.”


When bitcoin crashes, most people dump all their investment and try to get away with minimal damage. this isn’t the stock market crash of the 1930’s. Experts know that bitcoin goes up and down regularly. It’s just how the market works these days. Hence, they’ve mastered the art of patience and “holding” as they say. So apply that logic to real life. Let’s say your girlfriend is mad at you, or your job is really bringing you down. What do you do? Do you dump the girlfriend and quit the job? Sure, maybe you can down the road but first, just be patient. Keep your cool, remain calm and let the natural flow of life take over.


Cryptocurrency has more uses than unusual mediation techniques. Besides freeing your mind from the stresses of life, it can also free yourself from the daily grind. Haven’t you ever wanted to pursue your dreams and not just stuck in some 9-5 desk job? It sounds too good to be true but that’s the revolutionary power of blockchain technology. Don’t believe it? Then check out these new startups like YouToken, IOTA and more. They all offer the ability to invest in something beyond traditional stock markets. Something of human value that dodges the barriers of current society and lifts up the common man once again.