Poor Irish Villager Became a Billionaire

Poor Irish Villager Became a Billionaire

Everyone (or almost everyone) dreams of becoming a billionaire. This guy has done it, and at a very young age, for that matter. John Collison is 27 years old, and the world’s youngest billionaire.

Poor Irish Villager Became a Billionaire: Stripe made Irish Villager a billionaire

Many know the online payment processing company, Stripe. This payment method is used by 100,000 companies. One such company is the takeaway firm Deliveroo. John, together with his big brother Patrick, 29, became rich after hard work, but unexpectedly.

Poor Irish Villager Became a Billionaire: Life hasn’t changed much for the Irish Villager

John and Patrick, two Irish boys from a small village, are often asked how their lives changed after becoming billionaires. John says he doesn’t have an answer. He says that people expect him to give them an interesting answer. For example, telling them he’d taken on yacht racing or something. But nope, these boys enjoy stuff that normal, non-billionaire humans enjoy.

Poor Irish Villager Became a Billionaire: Irish Villager Has Strong business background

John and Patrick say that because of their parents were hard-working entrepreneurs, they never felt like they could do anything else. They state that this was a normal solution for them. Both of them excelled at school starting from a very young age. Later on, the family moved to the US, where the boys attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After that, John even attended Harvard.

The idea of Stripe started early, and it launched in 2011. When Stripe took off, both boys quit college to work on Stripe full-time. Apparently, it was well worth it, considering both of these Irish boys are now worth more than a billion each. They also employ about 750 people in their San Francisco office.

The billionaire boys and their employees have a good time at their beautiful office overlooking San Francisco. We can all dream of a life like this, and be happy for these guys for achieving it at such a young age.