Black Alien Pigs: 3 Things You Didn’t Know

Black Alien Pigs: 3 Things You Didn’t Know

Everyone loves pigs. If not as pets, at least on a plate. Bacon is great, and many don’t even care where this bacon comes from as long as it ends up on the plate. Would you care if it came from black alien pigs?

Black Alien Pigs: Pigs are well taken care of in the McCann farm

Minnesota eats a lot of bacon. A farmer, Jack McCann is one of the many Minnesotans who own a pig farm. He mostly grows Berkshire breed pigs that are completely black. I’m sure many would even mistake them for aliens. Jack McCann gives the pigs a chance to run in the snow during the winter and enjoy mud baths in the winter. He also feeds them organic grain. Healthy bacon, I’d say!

Black Alien Pigs: He makes $200 per black alien pig

Jack says he makes anywhere between $150 and $200 per pig he raises. He sells about 200 pigs per year, so he makes $40,000 per year. Most of this alien pork meat is sold in food stores and co-ops, as well as served in restaurants.

Black Alien Pigs: McCann can track down a piece of meat

Jack McCann makes sure his pig meat is top quality, and he can even track down precisely which pig the meat came from. He says that he could easily get a phone call from people asking about the farm a pig they ate came from. Jack could easily track down the pig by using a tracking number. This means that should you ever have a complaint about this alien pig meat, he’d be able to track down the piece of meat that was on your plate. So no worries, you can probably even get the name of this hog if you want!

There’s no denying it, these black pigs definitely look like some sort of alien creatures. As long as you don’t run into them in the dark, you should be able to recognize them to be pigs!