World Map Drawn By Autistic Boy Is Awe-inspiring

In light of International Autism Awareness month, a boy was discovered, redrawing a world map amazingly, from scratch, in his professor, father’s classroom. A separate girl who was in the undergrad class’ father, posted the picture on reddit, under the username Bobitis.  The world map drawn by the autistic boy showcases some of the amazing abilities of individuals with autism.

The world map drawn by autistic boy was extremely detailed even containing borders and some labels of countries, not to mention some small islands so small they had to be represented as dots, all to scale, and all from memory. The boy was so young he had to stand on a classroom chair in order to reach the whiteboard where he unleashed the powerful display of memory and artistic ability. Researchers are not quite sure how to explain the phenomenon, but attribute it to potentially different amygdala and hippocampal brain structures, which are related to memory in the brain.

The world map drawn by autistic boy from memory showcases some of the amazing abilities associated with Autism. People with conditions in the autism spectrum have been known to show amazing abilities of memory and or spatial awareness, and sometimes are skilled at artwork or math. You may remember also remember Stephen Wiltshire, who a few years back awed the world with his detailed city landscapes and artistic portrayals. His exhibit was in the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Perhaps the young boy who drew the world map will follow in Stephen’s footsteps.

The world map drawn by the autistic boy comes in the month of International Autism Awareness month in the month of April. For nearly 25 years, the Autism Society has launched a worldwide effort to promote awareness about the condition and those afflicted. There were pictures all month long of many people in different countries wearing blue in support of the month, especially on April 2nd, when International Autism Awareness day was held this year. People online utilized the hashtag #LIUB to show their blue colors and their support on social media.

To show support visit Autism Awareness site and learn about how to get involved or how to donate.