Model With Down Syndrome: Things You Didn’t Know

Model With Down Syndrome: Things You Didn't Know

Madeline Stuart, an inspirational teen Model With Down Syndrome, has landed her first major catwalking event at New York Fashion Week.

Model With Down Syndrome: Things You Didn't Know

Madeline’s story is making headlines and winning support. Moreover, Madeline is expanding society’s ideas of what a model can be.

The fashion industry is often exclusionary. However, models of diverse body types are increasingly breaking down those long-erected barriers.

Expanding People’s Ideas of What a Model Can Be

Madeline is redefining the way people look at disabled people. Thus, in New York, the Australian native modeled for FTL Moda, which was joining forces with The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation to show that fashion can be Free From Confines.

Breaking Beauty Stereotypes

Fashion brands that are working with Madeline are sending a message to the rest of the industry: inclusion works. In addition, Madeline hopes to spread her message of acceptance by participating in New York Fashion Week.

Down Syndrome – No Secret

Perceptions are gradually changing but ignorance and intolerance toward people with intellectual disabilities persist. Despite that, Madeline is teaching us that Down Syndrome is not something that has to be avoided or hidden.

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