Five Historical Geniuses Who Were Alleged to be Autistic

Autism Five Historical Geniuses Who Were Alleged to be Autistic

Many creative individuals have Autism. It’s not news anymore. In fact, some famous geniuses may have been Autistic. Below is the list of 5 of those geniuses.

Geniuses with Autism: ALBERT EINSTEIN

Citing the physicist’s educational slowness and his delayed development of language, University of Cambridge psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen has posited that the legendary physicist may have been a high-functioning autistic. Einstein was also better at processing visual information than verbal information. In addition, he obsessively repeated sentences as a child, which is a characteristic of many autistic people.

Geniuses with Autism: CHARLES DARWIN

The theory of evolution’s father may have been an Aspie, according to Professor Michael Fitzgerald of Trinity College in Dublin. Citing the scientist’s social awkwardness and strange obsessions, Fitzgerald has said “Asperger’s syndrome gave Darwin the capacity to hyperfocus, the extra capacity for persistence, the enormous ability to see detail that other people missed, the endless energy for a lifetime dedication to a narrow task, and the independence of mind so critical to original research.”

Geniuses with Autism: MICHELANGELO

Research by Fitzgerald and Dr. Muhammad Ashad in 2004 suggested that the Renaissance man may have been autistic. Though art historian and Michelangelo expert James Hall criticized the claims, some of the polymath’s personality traits – poor social skills, narrow interests, and hyper-focused work method – are consistent with the typical autistic person. As Ashad noted, “He was a loner, self-absorbed, and gave his undivided attention to his masterpieces – a feature of Autism.”

Geniuses with Autism: ISAAC NEWTON

According to a BBC article on the topic, Oxford and Cambridge researchers on the subject believe Newton had “classic signs” of Asperger’s syndrome. Far from socially adept, Newton was extremely quiet. As a result, he treated the few friends he had poorly and was suspected of having bipolar disorder. He also had a nervous breakdown when he was 50, due to paranoia and depression.

Geniuses with Autism: ALAN TURING

As alleged by the British mathematician Ioan James, the legendary cryptanalyst may have been autistic. As Michael Gerson pointed out at the Washington Post, Benedict Cumberbatch certainly played him like an Aspie in The Imitation Game. The film’s director stated in an interview with The Independent, “From a lot of the research we did, we had people say that he probably had some version of Autism or Asperger’s or something like that.”

Autism Five Historical Geniuses Who Were Alleged to be Autistic