Can Medical Marijuana Treat Autism?

Can Medical Marijuana Treat Autism?

Several months ago, the Medical Marijuana Review Panel has made their case. According to it, the drug might be able to ease severe side effects of autism. As a result, the motion seems to be now considered for approval in Michigan.

Parents Want to Treat Children with Marijuana

The fact that weed can relieve the side effects of other diseases, such as glaucoma, cancer, HIV or hepatitis C is not something new. But will the panel approve it for autism, as well?

Even if there have been opinions against the use of marijuana, when it comes to autistic children, quite a large number of parents are already beginning to use medical cannabis. Such parents believe that cannabis helps their kids deal with the severe symptoms of autism.

Marijuana – for Aggressive Behaviors, Doctors Say

In accordance with the advice given by many doctors, people can only use medical marijuana for aggressive behaviors and meltdowns in autistic children. However, there are many parents who are already treating their children with this drug.

According to their declarations, the kids managed to achieve a more normal life since they started the treatment with marijuana.

The Panel Will Make a Recommendation in Favor or Against

There are more people who are in favor of allowing medical cannabis as part of the autism treatment. However, the decision is in the hands of the director of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Until this moment, in Michigan, they will use medical cannabis against the side effects of cancer, glaucoma, HIV, hepatitis C and a few other conditions.

Can Medical Marijuana Treat Autism?