Top 4 Craziest Nobel Prize Winners

Top 4 Craziest Nobel Prize Winners

The world witnessed several generations of various Nobel Prize winners. Some of them were pretty normal, but there were a select few who were completely crazy. Does it seem inspiring to you? Please let me introduce you to the top four craziest Nobel Prize Winners.

Crazy Nobel Prize Winner William Shockley

William Shockley is an odd genius. Back in 1956, he received his Nobel Prize for discoveries in physics. He, along with a few other scientists, invented the transistor. If you do not know what that means, he was the one who helped humanity create the computer. You probably wouldn’t be able to read this post on your electronic device if Shockley was not crazy enough. In addition, William Shockley played a rapist in Showgirls. To make this guy a complete weirdo, he contributed his sperm to create smarter humans. This guy seems like a lot of fun!

Crazy Nobel Prize Winner Kary Mullis

Kary Mullis received her award in 1993 for inventing PCR. PCR is a kind of invention that opened the gate for studying DNA. Sounds like the guy deserved a lot of credit. The only problem is that Mullis wasn’t very tolerant towards the LGBT community. According to Kary, all gay people are the root of all AIDS. Mullis was the one who fueled the fire for the gay-AIDS stereotypes. Moreover, media supported this crazy genius’ ideas by providing him with a platform to spill his homophobic beliefs. On the flipside, Kary Mullis was not an angel himself. According to the various sources, Mulis was addicted to LSD that could have been his primary source of genius.

Crazy Nobel Prize Winner Phillip Lenard

As the title suggests, Phillip Lenard got his Nobel Prize in Physics back in 1905 for the cathode rays research. The only problem with this guy was his aggressive support of the Nazi ideology. According to the physicist, German scientists were much more superior compared to “Jewish physics,” for instance. FYI, Albert Einstein was a jew. Lenard believed that only selected people had the right to become a Scientist. A maniac indeed. However, his beliefs were not far from those of the famous Henry Ford, creator of Ford Motor Company.

Crazy Nobel Prize Winner Brian Josephson

Brian Josephson has been the only Welsh scientist who received the Nobel Prize. He received his award in 1973. Back then, Josephson made a lot of discoveries in superconductivity and quantum tunneling. Smart and crazy, Brian Josephson was a crazy believer in telepathy and the supernatural. The addition to studying the unexplained made this scientist quit physics and focus solely on the paranormal.

Top 4 Craziest Nobel Prize Winners