Differences Between Girls and Boys with Autism

Differences Between Girls and Boys with Autism

Autism is not as simple as one may think. It has many different symptoms, ranging from impaired social interaction to restricted and repetitive behaviors. Every autistic person represents a unique case on a spectrum of ASD. Boys are at even higher risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder than girls. Nobody knows for sure what causes it. Some researchers believe that girls are simply underdiagnosed, while others think that these contrasts are due to distinct differences in the parts of brains of autistic girls and boys. As a result, it makes boys and girls experience the symptoms differently.

Study Reveals Secrets of Autism

Researcher Kaustubh Superkar stated that repetitive behavior is the “red flag” when it comes to autistic behavior. The distinct features of ASD include “strict adherence to routines” and “singular focus on specific areas of interest.”

Autism Not Detected

Children who have less prominent symptoms can be misdiagnosed. Those individuals who experience more pronounced behaviors can have more likelihood of showing up as “false positives.” Emily Willingham, a blogger and scientist, believes that girls with autism have the aim to “implode emotionally,” as opposed to boys who express themselves physically. Thus, girls can be misdiagnosed when it comes to ASD.

The MRI scans

The MRI scans showed differences in the brains of autistic girls and the brains of autistic boys. These differences did not show in children who do not suffer from autism. The research revealed that autistic girls exhibited less repetitive behavior compared to autistic boys.

Scientists and researchers believe that the results of the study might have implications for the future treatment of ASD. On the other hand, skeptics believe that the study is not accurate enough for significant changes in how autism is treated. Scientists need to conduct more research to be sure.

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Differences Between Girls and Boys with Autism