Why Does Zuckerberg Like Gays and Doesn’t Like Russians 

Why Does Zuckerberg Like Gays and Doesn't Like Russians 

Do you remember how Russian soloist Vladimir Samsonov got offended by the fact that the famous Social Media Site Facebook would offer its users to choose options like the French flag (after the terrorist attack in Paris) as their profile picture or the rainbow flag (in support of LGBT rights) but never the Russian Flag? Russia suffers a lot from the terrorist attacks, but Facebook seems to ignore this fact.

Russians from Around the Globe Believe That It Is A Betrayal to Those Who Died in Russia During the Terrorist Attacks

The famous singer Samsonov wrote that it’s not nice of Facebook to not offer the safety tool or support flag for the recent Russian tragedies. Not only that, it also seems like Facebook does not support any other sexuality other than heterosexuality or homosexuality. Although it’s obvious that there are more than heterosexuals and LGBT members out there.

According to Samsonov, Zuckerberg surely favors the French over the Russians, which is a distinct sign of discrimination.

Zuckerberg is There for Gays – Twisted Logic With A Solid Point

Why doesn’t Facebook offer support to Lebanon or Afganistan people who suffer from terrorism? Were there too few dead bodies found? Why do they support the French and Gays only? Don’t we also need to raise awareness for Autistic people or those suffering from Down Syndrome?

Facebook and its decisions make a person believe that the famous Social Media platform does not value Muslims as well as many other minorities. The “true victims” ISIS’s destructions are in Europe. Is the one standing by the rainbow flag the only minority that needs awareness?

Let us know what you think about the Facebook support of selected groups of people. What would you do if you were Mark Zuckerberg? How would you treat minorities and communities left behind? Leave your comment in the comment section below.

Why Does Zuckerberg Like Gays and Doesn't Like Russians