Autism Service Dogs: 4 Things You Didn’t Know

Autism Service Dogs: 4 Things You Didn't Know

I’ll be getting an autism service dog soon, and I’m really looking forward to it. I think the dog will be a great help to me as I finish up high school and prepare for college. Recently, I was telling my friend about my dog. And she wasn’t sure how my service dog would be different from a regular one. I realized that many people probably don’t know much about these unique pets.

Honestly, until a year or so ago, I didn’t know much about Autism Service Dogs either. But ever since my parents told me they wanted to try to get one for me, I’ve been reading and learning as much as possible. I explained to my friend how service dogs are highly trained and are different from other pets. We had a great discussion, and at the end, I was proud of myself for having educated someone about these amazing creatures.

If you’re curious about Autism Service Dogs or if you think that getting one might be the right move for you or a loved one, here are answers to a few common questions:

How Do You Find An Autism Service Dog?

There are many organizations that train autism service dogs and/or connect families of children on the autism spectrum with dogs. If you’re able to find an organization in your area, it can help you save up on travel costs. My family and I found the organization that is training my dog through Autism Speaks’ listing of service dog organizations. With each listed organization, Autism Speaks provides you with additional information about the organization.

How Much do Autism Service Dogs Cost?

When I was telling my friend about autism service dogs, she couldn’t believe how much they cost. I was surprised too when I first started learning about Autism Service Dogs. But it’s important to remember that such pets are not typical. They are highly trained. An autism service dog can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000 dollars. However, often organizations have a system in place to help families raise the funds for such pets.

How do Autism Service Dogs Help Children on the Autism Spectrum?

Autism service dogs can help children on the autism spectrum in many different ways. For example, many autistic children are prone to wandering. Sometimes it happens out of curiosity, sometimes it’s a way to escape. Leaving the house could be dangerous for an autistic child. Thus, an autism service dog can prevent this from happening. The dog would stand still or lie down if the child tried to get away. Service dogs help in many other ways, too. My dog will help me manage my anxiety  by offering a calming and constant presence.

Can Autism Service Dogs Help Adults?

Autism Service Dogs can help adults, too. It can be harder for adults to find a dog, though.

It was fun for me to get the chance to educate my friend about these fun animals who can help people on the autism spectrum. I’m in anticipation to meet my autism service dog soon. I can’t wait to experience all kinds of positive changes my little friend is ready to bring to my life.

  • This article was sent to us by Alice.

Autism Service Dogs: 4 Things You Didn't Know