Top 5 Differences Between Italy and USA (Hospitality and Racism)

Top 5 Differences between Italy and USA (Hospitality and Racism)

Italy and the USA are two completely different countries. What seems normal to Italians is weird to Americans and visa verse. In this post, I will compare one side of the continent to the other. Below is top five differences between Italy and the USA in terms of Racism and Hospitality.

1. Customer Service

Despite the fact that Italian pizza, cheese, and wine are truly incomparable to anything in the world, the customer service in Italy is not always the best. People in America seem more friendly when it comes to business.

2. Random Approach

In America, you can accidentally stumble upon a person who will be eager to have a random talk with you. Whether it’s the weather or your nice t-shirt/hat/something else, American people pay more compliments than Italians. It’s just an “American thing.”

3. We All Are One Big Family

In Italy, people treat each other like relatives. If you need anything, you will always get help. Whether it’s staying at someone’s place overnight or borrowing money, Italians are ready to help. In America people are generally nice, but there are a lot of pretentious people who just say nice things.

4. Religion

Despite the fact that the center of Catholicism is in Vatican, the vast majority of younger Italians are either atheists or Christians who don’t practice the religion. America seems to be a little more religious. You still can find bibles in the hotels or stumble upon places called “The Bible Bell.”

5. Racism

There are a lot of racists in both countries. But in Italy people seem to be slightly more weird at expressing them. If you are African or Black, you might feel uncomfortable in smaller cities of Italy. Some people complained about receiving dirty looks from many people in Italy. Whether it’s racism or just ignorance (“never seen a black person” type of thing) it puts a lot of colored people in an uncomfortable situation.