Top 3 Funniest Gay Pranks Pulled On Straight Men

Top 3 Funniest Gay Pranks Pulled By Straight Men

Life is all about various different people who are unique, smart, and funny just like you and me. To fill up your life with a little bit of fun, we’ve compiled a list of Top 3 Funniest Gay Pranks Pulled On Straight Men. Enjoy watching!

1. Gay Pranks: Love Escalator

In this video, you will see a mix of reactions coming from “Escalator Victims.” From amusement to hate, the video is full of entertainment.

2. LGBT Pranks: Gays Kissing in Public

Sometimes things get unpredictable… In this “Social Experiment,” things got beyond the line of “appropriate.”

3. Gay Pranks: Pornstar

This is my favorite prank. It was pulled on random people. In the video, “producers” are looking for “potentially interested actors” who are ready to perform “gay acts” on camera. The “job descriptions” and the reactions to these descriptions will make you cry out of laughter.