Top 5 Celebrities With Autism

Top 5 Celebrities With Autism

Autism is not as rare as you may think. Approximately 1 out of 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls have ASD in the United States. Autistic people are everywhere. And it support of these unique individuals, I have compiled the list of top 5 celebrities with ASD.

1. Celebrity with Autism: Susan Boyle

Back in 2009, this singer mesmerized the audience of Britains Got Talent and the entire world with her unbelievably powerful voice. With a net worth of $33 million, Boyle is now a well-respected and well-recognized celebrity.

2. Celebrity: James Durbin

Bullied in his early childhood, this American Idol is now a true superstar. Despite all the difficulties, James found his way to success.

3. Celebrity with Autism: Ladyhawke

ASD seems to be a great part of the hipster culture. As a result, the indie world is full of interesting and creative people. And Ladyhawke is one of them. The talented singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist won “Album of the Year,” “Single of the Year,” and “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” awards among others.

4. Celebrity: Courtney Love

Courtney has a mild form of Autism. Throughout her life, she faced multiple difficulties. Highly intelligent but troubled, Courtney Love eventually found love in her life.

5. Celebrity: Tim Burton

Famous for his quirky films, Tim Burton falls within the spectrum of Autism. His first movie, Edward Scissorhands, is believed to be somewhat autobiographical.

ASD is a mental condition, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with others. But, despite all the difficulties, autistic people find their unique non-traditional ways in establishing connections with other individuals. And often art helps them speed up the process.