Top 3 Extremely Unusual Religions in The World

Top 3 Extremely Unusual Religions in The World

The world is full of different types of religion. From the very traditional ones to the more complex and unusual cults. Below is the list of Top 3 Extremely Unusual Religions in The World.

The Church of Copy me ism – The File Sharing Church of Sweden

Sweden has officially recognized the church of file sharing. Members of this church find the process of copying and sharing as holy: “ctr” (command) + “c” and “ctr” (command) + “v” are the sacred symbols of the church. The video below describes all ins and outs of the religion.

Pastafarian Church

This one sounds like a joke. But guess what, it’s a real church in which members worship a flying spaghetti monster. Not long ago, a Pastafarian member from Massachusetts was allowed to wear a Colander In Her Driver’s License Photo as her religious headgear.

Alien Church of Raelian Movement

This movement is perhaps the most mysterious and creepy one out of the three. The church claims to be the center of the universe. It’s here for all living creatures coming to visit us from the outside universe.