Top 5 Most Informative Facts about Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali: 5 Things you didn’t know

Top 5 Most Informative Facts about Muhammad Ali

Almost every living individual knows Muhammad Ali and why he is so popular around the world. There are many things you may know about the famous athlete and philanthropist. However, there is a list of five informative facts you are most likely not aware of.

Number 1: Named After Anti-Slavery Crusader

Muhammad Ali was named Cassius Marcellus Clay (name at birth) after a famous farmer who fought against slavery. In the 19th century, the farmer emancipated all of the slaves he inherited from his father.

Number 2: Known as Cassius X

Under the influence of the Minister Malcolm X, Cassius Marcellus Clay changed his name to Cassius X. Later, after receiving his holy name from the Islam leader Elijah Muhammad, Cassius X became Muhammad Ali. 

Number 3: Muhammad Ali Refused to Kill People

In 1967 Ali refused to serve in the army. As a true Muslim, Muhammad refused to hold a weapon in his hands. As a result, the athlete was arrested and suspended from participating in boxing competitions. Muhammad Ali was sentenced to five years in prison and fined $10,000.

Number 4: Ali Played in a Broadway Show

In 1969 Ali played in the musical “Buck White.” As an actor, Muhammad played a militant black lecturer. New York Times gave the famous athlete a decent review outlining his slightly impersonal voice, innate dignity, and a lack of embarrassment. 

Number 5: Irish Roots

Muhammad’s great-grandfather was an Irishman. He moved to America in the 1860s and settled down in Kentucky. In the U.S., the Irishman married a freed slave… Ali’s mother was one of the Irishman’s grandkids. 

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