Hillary Clinton and Benefits of Feminism

Is Hillary Clinton a Feminist?

Hillary Clinton and Benefits of Feminism

While it’s no surprise to anyone that Hillary Clinton lost the battle with Donald Trump and failed to make it to the White House, she won the popular vote and showed many girls and women that everything is in the palm of our hand in spite of your sex and age. 

Is Feminism good or bad?

Feminism, like any human movement, has its pros and cons. In some cases, it’s a form of insanity and aggression. In the others, it’s perceived as an important characteristic of a successful woman. 

Did Feminism Make Hillary Clinton Successful?

Feminism teaches self-love and respect. These qualities are noticeably the core of Ms. Clinton’s persona. Hillary Clinton is ready to step up when necessary and take responsibilities for who she is. She is a tough woman who is always ready to defend herself when things are thrown her way.

Special Bond Between Feminists

Feminists understand each other very well. They help one another by bringing light to sensitive topics that seem not important to the male part of the globe. In this video, Clinton talks openly about women’s aspirations and concerns

Feminism is Beneficial for Men

In the modern society more and more women become big fishes (politicians, scientists, and CEOs of large companies). It imposes less pressure on men as primary breadwinners. Hillary Clinton is a great example of a big fish in the political arena. And she is not the only one. Take a look at Angela Merkel, Sarah Palin, and Dilma Rousseff to name a few.

Respect in Relationships

Feminism brings freedom and equality to relationships. Thus, it makes both parties feel respected. Despite having difficulties in the relationships, Hillary and Bill Clinton have been together for over 40 years. 

There are many more pros of feminism that could be mentioned in this article. But I think most of them are pretty obvious. What do you think about the movement? Leave your comment in the comment section.