Top 4 Reasons Why People Become Gay

Top 4 Reasons Why People Become Gay

What makes one become gay? If homosexual inclinations are not inherited, what types of forces do cause powerful desires? The field scientists don’t have a single answer to these questions. However, the most important factors fall into four categories.

Number 1: Gay Experience

  • Some children have a homosexual experience in their childhood. It could be their first sexual experience.
  • Some young kids have homosexual adults around them. As a role model, a relative or an authority figure (i.e. a teacher) consciously or subconsciously may affect the child’s mind.

Number 2: Family Abnormality

  • Some mothers are abnormally dominant, possessive, or rejecting.
  • Some fathers are constantly absent, distant, or rejecting.
  • Some parents have homosexual proclivities.
  • Some siblings have homosexual tendencies.
  • Some non-religious families are not able to establish certain values.
  • In some cases, divorce leads to sexual problems.
  • Some non-traditional families have gay agenda, outlining homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle and inviting homosexual people into the family circle.

    Number 3: Unusual Sexual Experience

  • Some kids experience extreme masturbation.
  • Some children get exposure to pornography.
  • Some try group sex.

    Number 4: Cultural influences

  • Society approves LGBT community.
  • Education actively supports LGBT community.
  • People depict homosexuality as something normal.


In some cases, people can turn away from homosexuality. The number of gays who become heterosexual is just as vast as the number of straight people becoming gay.

It’s easy for gay people to eliminate their homosexual behavior. Thus, a lot of folks with homosexual desires teach themselves to refrain from homosexual contact.

Keep in mind that the associations are all-important. If you want to refrain from homosexual behavior, you should avoid companies that practice homosexualism. Organizations like “ex-gay ministries,” help those who want to correct their behavior. Psychotherapists claim that about 30% of homosexuals can become straight. Also, religious involvement seems to be very helpful in avoiding gay habits.

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