Gay Men: 8 Things Straight Men Get Wrong

Gay Men: 8 Things Straight Men Get Wrong

Liberal society is full of gay people. However, we still don’t know much about the LGBT community. Here is a list of eight common misconceptions that may help you avoid social gaffes.

1. Homosexuals Are All “Tops” or “Bottoms”

Not all gays are either “tops” or “bottoms”. Some gay men don’t enjoy anal sex at all…

2. It’s Easy to Find a Great Man

If it was true, there would not be a lot of single gays. A lot of homosexuals are incomplete. And most individuals, regardless their sexual beliefs, are not monogamous.

3. When a woman talks about “converting” gays, they take it as a compliment

Homosexual men feel strongly about their identities. The world shamed them enough…

4. When Two Single Gays Meet, They Most Likely Become a Couple

Homosexual guys can be friends. Just friends. Do not assume that 2 gays automatically become potential lovers.

5. He is Perfect for Your Friend

The chemistry between two men takes more than just both being gay. Some women think that two sassy gays are always destined to be happy together… It’s not true…

6. Homosexual Guys Want to sleep with Attractive Straight Men

This one is true… 🙂

7. Homosexuals Always Wonder Who is Gay and Who’s Not

The game could be fun. But not all homosexual activists love eyeing across a crowded room…

8. All Gays have Gay Agenda

Some gays hate talking about homosexualism. It’s not something they are proud of, it’s not all about being gay.